Loyal Contributors

Loyal Contributors

Loyal Contributors are our most faithful donors. These individuals have supported United Way by giving for 10 years or more, and the impact they have made on our community through their generosity is powerful.

United Way of the Coastal Empire sincerely thanks our Loyal Contributors for their faithful investment and commitment to our community.  If you have been giving to any United Way for 10 years or more, please let us know.

Loyal Contributors are recognized in the following categories:

  • Silver (10 – 19 years)
  • Gold (20 – 24 years)
  • Diamond (25 years or more)

For more information, please contact Jenny Grusheski at 912.651.7715.

Loyal Contributors Spotlight:

Beth McIntosh

Larrimore-BethAs executive director of the Savannah Speech & Hearing Center, Dr. Beth McIntosh knows well the positive impact made by funding from the United Way. It should come as no surprise, then, that Beth is a longtime contributor to those funds.

“Initially I felt obligated to (give), being part of an agency that receives funds from United Way,” said Beth, who began yearly donations to United Way’s Community Fund in 1976 – the year she joined the center’s staff as a speech-language pathologist. “But then I grew to appreciate all that is done by United Way and how many lives that the United Way touches.”

Beth became director in 1998.

“United Way funding is critical for us to be able to carry out our mission and provide services to people who ordinarily would not be able to afford them.” – Beth McIntosh

United Way’s Loyal Contributor program recognizes donors whose giving history spans 10 or more years. Beth, having donated for more than a quarter-century, qualifies as a Diamond contributor – the program’s highest honor.

“I always encourage my staff to give to the Community Fund,” she explained, referring to money not designated to a particular agency. ͞”The United Way determines through their volunteers which agencies need (funds) most. They do a great job of that.”

The Savannah Speech & Hearing Center each year helps more than 17,000 people who have real or potential communicative problems. The center provides a wide range of comprehensive speech, language, and hearing care; its staff also conducts hearing screenings for thousands of youngsters at local schools. Beth, a Savannah native, in recent years has led fundraising campaigns for all United Way-funded programs.

“The majority of agencies would not be able to offer the services they do without the help of United Way, and it’s important that we give back to the community,” Beth said. ͞”There is no better way to do that than through United Way.”

Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Kramer

gerald_kramerDr. and Mrs. Gerald Kramer began donating to United Way in 1989 in Atlanta where he began his dental practice. His wife, Jan, was the impetus. “I was always working.” Jan said, “You need to do something for the community.”

Giving to United Way was one of the ways they chose to give back.

After moving to Savannah in 1999, they wanted to continue their community service work, their commitment to give back to the community. “After all, one-third of my patients who pay me use United Way services. This is the biggest bang for the buck. It is an easy way for me to help so many people. United Way provides a broad spectrum of care and help.”

It wasn’t long before then President and CEO of United Way of the Coastal Empire Mike Williams approached Gerry to be on the Campaign Cabinet. His first campaign (2001), chaired by Helen Downing, got him hooked. “With September 11th, it became a patriotic gesture to donate to the United Way.” Now in his ninth straight year on the Campaign Cabinet, Gerry, both Dentist Division chair and Professionals Unit chair, enjoys mentoring the new members of the Cabinet. He has seen an increased awareness of the work of United Way during his decade here. “Through advertising and the expansion of United Way 2-1-1, more people are being served because more people are aware of what is available.” When asked if he encourages others to give to United Way, Gerry replied, “Are you kidding? I tell everybody!”

Margaret Davis

ted_quartermanBeing “sold” on United Way has kept Loyal Contributor Margaret Davis donating to United Way of the Coastal Empire for the past 27 years. The possibilities of the programs, the work of the agencies, and the structure of United Way — all have led to her contributing for more than a quarter century. “The fundamental concept of United Way is helping, and that hasn’t changed over the years,” she states.

“United Way is the place to go for choices, whether it is for giving or volunteering.” – Margaret Davis

As former Vice-President of Finance at United Way of the Coastal Empire, Margaret saw firsthand the impact that United Way has had on the community. She has been touched personally by eight of the funded programs. She feels that if people look through the list of programs funded by United Way, they will find some that have helped them or someone they know. “The United Way stamp puts the dollars where they are needed most,” she notes. “By giving to United Way you are assured that the funds will stay and help locally.”

Margaret has seen changes in United Way of the Coastal Empire during this 27 year time frame. “In 1982, the amount raised during the fundraising campaign was $2 million. Now the amount has grown more than four-fold. However, one thing that hasn’t changed over the years is the enthusiasm and care of the local staff.”

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