Below are some frequently asked questions of United Way of the Coastal Empire:

What is the mission of United Way of the Coastal Empire?

To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities.
“Improve lives” — by supporting more than 100 community programs and services which represent 58 non-profit agencies
“Mobilize Caring Power” — Businesses, government, individuals

What are the priorities of United Way of the Coastal Empire?

Based on local research and community surveys, we identified three priorities:

  • Education & Youth Development
  • Economic Independence
  • Health & Wellness

Why give to United Way of the Coastal Empire?

One gift thru United Way helps more people by aggregating giving collectively and funding programs that achieve results. Each program is evaluated for measurable outcomes and efficiency.

How much of my contribution goes to people who really need help?

Thanks to the Herschel V. Jenkins Trust Fund and other revenue, which typically exceeds all administrative and fund raising costs, 100 % of your gift to United Way goes to help people in need.

How does supporting United Way benefit my business and employees?

Supporting United Way gives your business visibility as a good corporate citizen and provides recognition of your organization as a leader in building a better community. Employee campaigns help bring employees together to share in a common cause and promote team spirit among employees and generate pride.

How generous is our community?

  • United Way of the Coastal Empire’s per capita giving $21.68 vs. $11.79 national average
  • United Way of the Coastal Empire’s employee participation 32.8% vs. 30.5% national average
  • United Way of the Coastal Empire’s campaign increase 5.2% vs. 2.6% national average

What is United Way Worldwide?

United Way Worldwide is the leadership organization for a network of local, community-based United Ways in 46 countries and territories. It is the integration of United Way of America and United Way International using United Way of America’s corporate entity. All members of United Way of America are automatically members of United Way Worldwide. Each United Way is autonomous, governed by its own board of directors. United Way Worldwide is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia. United Way Worldwide does not set policies, nor does it govern local United Ways.

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