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Dr. Todd Cellini: A Philanthropist At Heart

Dr. Todd Cellini: A Philanthropist at Heart

Campaign Kick-Off is in September, and the 2017 Campaign Chair Dr. Todd Cellini, Assistant Chancellor of South University, is hyped and ready to get things started. The 38-year-old, who is the youngest to serve as campaign chair, has been involved…

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Amy & John: Care For Kids

Amy & John: Care for Kids

“There is nothing like having the opportunity to give a voice to those who usually have no voice or control over what has happened to them in life. These children are innocent victims of circumstances and/or people who are supposed…

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Keya Jest: Turning The Tide

Keya Jest: Turning the Tide

When is it too late to start over? The answer is never. Keya Jest decided on this when she became clean and took control of her future. She made the start, and United Way of the Coastal Empire helped her…

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Olaya Orozco: Dare To Decorate

Olaya Orozco: Dare to Decorate

When Olaya Orozco was two years old, she made the perfect potato man; and her mom told her one day she will become an artist. Today, she is an artist in Publix Bakery thanks to her determination and the dedication…

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Dr. Dana Taylor: Caring For The Caregivers

Dr. Dana Taylor: Caring for the Caregivers

Dr. Dana Taylor has plenty of experience helping others through life’s challenges, but none of it could completely prepare her for becoming a caregiver to her 87 - year - old mother. A little over a year ago, the psychotherapist…

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Gregg Schroeder: Serving Is A Calling

Gregg Schroeder: Serving is a Calling

When Gregg Schroeder, President and CEO of United Way of the Coastal Empire, was a young boy growing up in the Midwest he enjoyed volunteering to help others, but never thought this service would be recognized by an international organization…

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Spirit Of Giving: Jeff Kole

Spirit of Giving: Jeff Kole

When we are asked to give, it is often easy enough to pull out our check book and make a donation. It is a different thing entirely to make giving a way of life. To do so requires that we…

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Spirit Of Advocating: Kris Rice

Spirit of Advocating: Kris Rice

An advocate is more than someone who supports a cause or slaps a bumper sticker on her car. She is someone who lends her strength to others during their moment of weakness. She stands up for those who have been…

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Lauren Dotson: Without Limit

Lauren Dotson: Without Limit

Children are unspoken promises of the joy that rests in the future, but what if that promise is threatened? Lauren Dotson beat a cancerous storm and is strengthened in the aftermath by a community that believes in the beauty of…

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