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What Makes United Way Volunteers Different?

What makes United Way Volunteers different?

United Way Volunteers is a change agent in the local community.

We are able to identify and fill the gaps of needs for agency services. Pairing local companies who are looking for engagement and to show care for their community with the specialized needs of the nonprofits helps everyone get involved and make lasting change. United Way Volunteers is changing the scope of volunteering beyond small labor projects by approaching networks, like companies, school systems, and universities, instead of individuals not only strengthens existing relationships but creates a landscape for new ones.

Also a unique feature, all agencies also have access to advertise their own needs and projects through our database website, This allows our volunteer base of almost 8,000 people to independently sign up for opportunities that appeal to them, and on their own availability.

United Way Volunteers is gearing up towards capacity building for our agencies.

We are expanding our volunteer reach into advocacy panels with a full spectrum of experts at the table, growing their database, establishing a disaster resource center for all four counties served by United Way of the Coastal Empire, and taking a role in agency training by sharing best practice skill sets.

Capacity building our funded agency partners allows us to help them more than financially or psychically, it helps them help more in our community.

United Way Volunteers is proactive.

Team Up Clean Up is the first example of a United Way of the Coastal Empire partner project that took place on March 9 in partnership with the City of Savannah, Georgia Power, and Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation. The event pulled almost 100 volunteers across these four organizations and the community to clean up Kennedy Park located in the Carver Heights neighborhood of downtown Savannah to create a safe space for kids to play and shared in picnic.

Want to join us? Sign up for an alternative spring break project during next week at any of the opportunities listed on our website,